Тут было

Moldovan cinema history as the history of the people

While screen-studying the land’s history, film-makers go back into the depth of ages. The film «Dmitry Kantemir», being awarded the diploma «For Representation of Historical Theme in the Complex Spectacular Film» at the 7th All-Union film festival in Baku, tells about the struggle of the Moldavian people against the Turkish yoke, the inviolable […]

Moldovian music is always cheerful

Молдавский танец

Chisinau is amazing. Bright and spacious, the people friendly and cheerful, playful and catchy music. So it was for centuries, the Moldovan, is above all a lively and bright. Music Moldavia brightens the soul, warms the heart. probably as sunny skies overhead. Warmth and comfort emanate from such music, from […]