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Lenuţa — Elena

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This is my site, and here you talk about me, Elena, or as I say my parents and friends — Lenuţa. Here I will deal with everything connected with the name «Elena» and about my country of Moldova, Chisinau about my hometown, and the cities where I feel like home to me — Balti Riscani, Cluj-Napoca , and others.


Data about the most intimate I still I will remain silent, it will come time when going to make friends, and we know better. Then we reveal our souls. At this point, we speak the name Elena means for some «sun» for some «light» to the third will be «brilliant» in the night, for another «torch» or path of light, or «radiant» and even «chosen» . The ancients called it Helen — Selena and says that she is able to create a lyrical picture perfect and ideal feminine principle: it is malleable and even acceptance, sophisticated and flexible, mysterious, and timely, it is determined by the merger, but also has feelings change, however, can remain inert for some problems and there is no deep insult. Selena, said the ancients bears all brightness and beauty eternal imperishable ever. At its core is a spiritual Elena concentrate highest perfection of human qualities.

…and more say about Elena przicerile horoscope:

From childhood she likes romance is a bit dark in his inner world, but most often is outside the group of children. Feel confident in themselves, but encountering fraud, credulity to do to be vulnerable, but certainly will try to punish the person who deceived her, showing inventiveness rarely meets. Elena’s most good-hearted, but her kindness is rarely active since childhood. Thus, it can bring home a dirty mito found in the street, you can feed with milk, may shed bitter tears on his fate, but does not stand firm if the parents will demand the expulsion of «newcomer» jump out the same night.

Lenuţa is passionate with a bit of each tote. She tried to embroider, and cusotărie settle down, and all as it attracts more. Lessons are pregptesc from time to time. The school is managed well in some subjects, even excellent, primarily because of good memories and that is adored by teachers.

Elena looks more like his father. However, its nature, an inherited exactly. Elena’s emotional, emphatic. Emotions in the life of Helen, plays an important role.

As a child produces the impression of a child Elena closed and shy, but when you know the closer it is clear that it is — a joyful man, a great dreamer and optimist. Most cases, Elena will succeed in circumstances that require successful communication.

So here I am I under horoscopes witchcraft. In terms of real life, however are much more complicated. There is actually built as a horoscope.