Тут было

These pages are dedicated to me, Lenuta from Chisinau

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Железнодорожный вокзал КишинёвThese pages are dedicated to me, Lenuta from Chisinau. How do you understand already, parents and friends call me Lenuta. And something more formal I’m Elena.

I was born im Moldova, Chisinau. I will tell much about Moldova and Chisinau on. But I will not get away with the no otasul Balti, where my father was born and where my grandparents live. And I will not forget nor Riscani. I will talk about Romania, because there, in Transylvania, or more precisely in Cluj-Napoca my childhood. But all will be exposed to slow and turn. Do not think that I will not forget the pictures. There will also be enough. And still many more that will not get bored. I hope my readers to become permanent.


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