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Reserves in the USSR. Reserves in Ukraine and Moldova

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Заповедники Молдавии

Books dedicated to Moldova, it would seem that there are quite a few, but they largely belong to the category of rarity. Or were published in a period of time that has outlived and became a rarity, or publications were issued in small quantities so that they + are depleted, and also became inaccessible to readers, or refers to highly specialized topics, and are overlooked, or remain unnoticed. To prevent this, we show some of the books on Moldova, which can be purchased. Introducing the next volume of old reference book of a bygone era, but neştearsă memory, such as the Soviet period, and the book bears the common name of «reserves in the USSR.» This volume acquaints readers with the reserves, which are located in Ukraine, and, of course, not only describes Moldovei. The book geographical position and reserves of these countries, but speaks also about the characteristics of Ukraine and Moldova nature and animals and undoubtedly the world vegezale the plants from these reserves. Moreover, we find in the book about the scientific research taking place or have been conducted on these lands. Particular attention is paid to the problem of keeping local gene pool, this concerns in particular flora and fauna and many rare plant species that are endangered during the current.


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