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Moldovian music is always cheerful

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Молдавский танец

Chisinau is amazing. Bright and spacious, the people friendly and cheerful, playful and catchy music. So it was for centuries, the Moldovan, is above all a lively and bright. Music Moldavia brightens the soul, warms the heart. probably as sunny skies overhead. Warmth and comfort emanate from such music, from her desire to live, his legs stretched into a dance. For many centuries the music, full of enthusiasm has been the foundation of life of Moldovans. In the holidays all the people went out into the clearing, danced the dance in general, called the «choir.» This kind of fun souls united, gave force. Nowadays, many celebrations revived, such as Wine, which is depicted in the photo.

In the cutscene plays music orchestra «fiddlers», whose director is Nicholas Botgros. Melody under the title «Choir Bassarabii.» Traditional music in traditional style. The orchestra is very popular in Moldova, the music played by an ensemble of NADH is highly valued people.

День вина в Молдавии


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