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Haji Bazylhan Dyusupov is an exceptional healer

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Russia can’t stop to amaze us!

While the rest of humanity is concerned with finding ways of healing, here came to light an amazing healer, who has the ability to cure those diseases, that medicine can not cure. He is Bazylhan Dyusupov. He comes from Kazakhstan. But of his healing abilities it is knowen even outside of Kazakhstan and Russia. The uniqueness of this method of treatment is, that Dyusupov bazylhan created DVD, listening which heals the sick ones. Thousands of people around the world regained their health, due to the fact, that listening to the disc does not require knowledge of the language of the broadcast recording. Everybody heals, regardless of language understanding. There are cases, when healed even animals, who heard the disc. This is the second unique feature of the disc.

Many ask is Haji Bazylhan Dyusupov a charlatan?  A question that a great many of people are asking themselves. Some even consider that it is so, and that Dyusupov is actually a charlatan. And that is despite the facts that tell us the reverse. Thousands of people have recovered thanks to the seances of Haji Bazylhan Dyusupov . It is safe to argue those who believe that the mission of Haji Bazylhan Dyusupov is a quackery: fortunately — it is not so. Nevertheless you should, of course, understand that there can not be such a thing as universal cure, and this disc  «In the Name of Life» will help only those who are 100% sure that the disc should help namely him. Bazylhan Dyusupov himself warns: do not rush to buy a cd, think carefully, and if you realize that this is «your» and that you will be able to go through the entire course as prescribed in the rules, only buy a DVD-CD » In the Name of Life «.

Look at one of the reviews left by a woman who was healed of diabetes type-2.

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Заказать диск Базылхана Дюсупова Во имя Жизни

The woman in the video says that she decided, in order to heal, go to the very healer in Kazakhstan, to Bazylhanu Dyusupovu despite she bought DVD-ROM «In the Name of Life.» And so, she decided to travel from Krasnoyarsk to Ust-Kamenogorsk. Woman says that seances of Bazylhana Dyusupova helped her, tells about other cases of healing, which confirms the fact that Haji Bazylhan Dyusupov can not be a charlatan.

And yet, we recommend you to think again about whether or not is this your disc, that is to say if it was created for you. Confidence often does wonders.


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